Saturday, August 28, 2010

12 second commute is just not one another program that you throw your money at and hope to win , Not at all!

12 second commute is a legit program that offers you a great affiliate program while you are receiving such benefits from building you own prospect list,  while promoting your own business or service.

A good advantage having the 12 second commute program you can work your whole business from one page. You just plug in all your affiliations such as your ad campaigns ,social groups or what ever you like to monitor the most.

In creating your own capture pages you can display your own products and video with all the imagination you can muster up!

You can plan today for your future with 12 Second Commute!


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

PressMania Branded Classifieds

Pressmania Branded Classifieds is your

"Out of the box Business"

Hello, Friends!

Do you want to start a business but you don't want to worry about budgets, cash flow or profit and loss

statements? Believe me when I tell you, I can help get you started right now!

As you may already know, Classifieds website are essential these days and even more so than they were 15 years ago when the Internet became mainstream for advertising. Today, Internet users are accustomed and comfortable with paying online; they also rely on the internet for their shopping needs more now then ever before.

Be a visionary! Be the owner of your own Online Classified Outlet!

The old traditions of looking through or waiting for a newspaper are gone and with local online classifieds being the major means of advertising and shopping, the demand for advertising is shifting to online outlets!

This is very evident with many newspapers closing or going bankrupt and the push to be environmentally friendly is eliminating the use and effectiveness of flyers and mail outs.

It's a stress free - high potential income opportunity!

An extensive, tangible business where you have the presence of a virtual service that can be seen by anyone and all you do is promote and collect the revenue you generate. You don't deal with technical issues! Your customers enter their own ads and make their purchases with a secured online service. Their questions are handled for you because you get 100% coverage with Adlandpro's Client Support and Customer Service to answer their questions.

A Business Model made for you!

You want some control like any business owner wants. You get it. You can access the things important to you, for example; you have the contact information for your customers allowing you to follow up with special offers, you specify what pricing level you want, and you can place your own ads or give your own loyal customer a freebie! You can brand the look of your classifieds site and use your own logo, select the available color modes and redirect traffic back to your own business, after placing ads.

It's not complicated and it generates revenue!

The good people at Adlandpro will assist you with the set up, the maintenance; provide the support and handle the technical details. They have been doing this for over 12 years, delivering quality online advertising solutions to tens of thousands of satisfied customers and because they have just released this brand new service, now is the time to be the first in line to access to a brand new business opportunity based on a proven classified site's software!

There are three levels of ownership starting from $0.00 per month to $34.95 per month. This will suit your needs and the risk you want to take because you can upgrade to the highest level of ownership at any time or downgrade giving you the flexibility to adjust to the local, country or worldly economic environments.

Click the link below to immediately get started.

Press Mania Classifieds


Carl Romain