Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Fact's About The ABC connections!

To be successful worldwide means the program must be simple to understand, simple to do and simple to teach. If it were not this company could not have grown to the point where it has participants in 170 different countries worldwide.
For a networking program to work well in the international marketplace it must have certain essential ingredients built into the program that allow people from all walks of life regardless of their education, experience or their personal and financial circumstances to succeed and to have that success quickly. The program must work for those from countries with struggling economies and yet be powerful enough to impress people from countries with more affluent lifestyles by paying large incomes quickly. The program must transcend language barriers and cultural customs.
The program must have a low cost enrollment and not adversely impact the family budget with monthly fees. This program has a one time out of pocket enrollment cost and no monthly auto-ship from a family's credit card or bank account. All business expansion is covered with profits and not by taxing a family budget. The program is flexible as well, with provisions to allow optional Fast Tracking and up-grading for those who want to speed up their income growth.
Doing business in the international marketplace, the program and the product or service must comply with business customs, laws and regulations on a worldwide basis. All questions and inquires about JISL and A-B-C have been answered satisfactorily from all states, provinces and governments in 170 countries the company operates in and no adverse action from any jurisdiction has ever come forth or caused an interruption of business.
The program must contain diverse but powerful marketing and management support. This requires active leadership from the company as well as in field support teams. Built into the A-B-C program system, is the provision for enroller responsibility and enrollee accountability to develop teamwork and leadership. Compensation for leadership and unique high leverage business building systems are in place that cause our members to create spectacular incomes quickly by applying the principals we operate with.
More about the system in a minute. But First, This, About YOU. If you now have a business or program you are operating you can bring that business right along with you to A-B-C. We can help you build and expand it. You will discover strategies to change the way you do business and seriously impact it's profits. However, your new A-B-C Business all by it's self can provide your family with your total income. Your Business can grow into a Full Family Income and more. One that can support your family to any lifestyle you wish to create. We will show you how to make your business pay for it's own expansion and it's own growth. That's Smart Business Management. A business that pays for itself automatically and without dipping into your pocket just makes good common sense doesn't it?

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