Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Solar Wind

My summer project is to build my first wind combine.
My neighbor is is going to donate the generator from a garden tractor.
I am going to attempt to adapt the charging sytem and power it by a vertical axis with blades. The blades will probably come from large plastic pales. I hope to use a steel pipe with the right diameter to fit through the flywheel assembly and mount it to the original engine block. The engine block I will try to eliminate as much of the casing and use it as a base.
The blades will be perpendicular to the vertical shaft and use at least 4 blades.
Now the one thing that concerns me is that this engine at Idle travels at 1250 rpm and probably does not have a lot of magnets in the flywheel so I am going to have to test it to see what voltage I can get from it at much lower rpm. Thus I might have to scrap the idea or keep the stater windings and make my own magnetic fly wheel. Which is going to be a lot more work and I just might decide to find another source for a generator such as a battery powered drill since it has a nice chuck on the end of it and has its own gear ratio.
The Idea is to come up with at least a 13 volt dc current that can charge 12 volt batteries. From the batteries I can hook up a converter that converts the 12 volt system to ac power.

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