Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Arsenal of Tools All In One Place

Forget about bouncing all over the Internet in search of 'this tool here' and 'that tool over there'. With This package deal you'll ''get it all in one place''.

The Top-class Professional Tools You'll Get:


You Get: A pro Autoresponder to help build and maintain your list and find out the proper way to build your prospect list.

REMEMBER! importing leads is not the way to go!. That only results in spam complaints and this autoresponder does not allow importing leads for that reason.

Ad Tracker

You Get: The ability to finally track your Ad performance!

This is a great tool and absolutely must have, to track your ads and links to know what works and what doesn't.
This Ad Tracker is first-rate and one of the best on the Internet. It's simple to use and you can set this up in less than 60 seconds.

URL Rotator

You Get: The Ability to join up your other Affiliate programs. This tool is a necessity to sell multiple products, services or programs and it helps your down line achieve the same success as you.
It lets you create unlimited URL’s for managing multiple ad campaigns or even ad co-ops.
All successful online marketers use a URL rotator and you just won't find a better one than this one.

List Building Service

You Get: As you probably heard time after time ''The money's in the list'' having a good solid list is the bread and butter of your business.
This service will definitely help you build a solid list. This is an amazingly powerful way to build your list and it all comes with the package!. It will make you wonder, ''Why didn't I think of this?''.

Multiple Lead-Capture Web Pages

You Get: The more sites you have, the better Your opportunity to stand out.

Does 5 fully customizable lead-capture web pages—each with a unique URL interest You?.
Having the ability to build your own creations gives an edge to any business.

Being able to build pages, delete pages, maintain pages and get the most from your online experience all in a easy to use editor is definitely a way to go in my opinion..

Search Engine Optimization Service

You Get: Are you Tired of paying?
Never pay again to have your web site submitted to search engines. Even check out your competition, enhance your meta tags, or use any of the more than 18 services that are available for you at your finger tips.

Contact Manager

You Get: Being organized is essential and it all can be done from the Contact Manager.
All successful online marketers are organized.

How would you like to Keep track of what you buy,or what affiliate sites you belong to,or how about, where you're making money and where you're not... Getting organized is important.

You can have full control of your bussiness Here!

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