Sunday, June 27, 2010

Basic Internet Training can cost you!

Bright Builders is a company that offers several different services to people in need of an online business. Primarily, they focus on building an commerce or store front website that will allow you to sell a multitude of products.

Another side to Bright Builders is eBay tools, they offer training and support in getting your products on the popular auction site. They claim that with their services and expertise anyone can have a booming Internet business.

The prices that they charge for a website and, some seemingly, basic Internet marketing training are in the Thousands.

BrightBuilders I’m sure face some customer complaints having customers complain having not seen any profits from their websites.

With these types of complaints it’s hard to know whether the person failed due to a lack of effort, or because the system itself is flawed. Regardless of what advertisements may claim developing an online business takes time, hard work, and perseverance whether you’re on your own or working with Bright Builders.

The fact of the matter still is that paying thousands of dollars for an online business is way to much. ( hind Sight )

Being a beginner at that time with very little knowledge on Marketing or computer skills I new I was sunk and had a large charge on my credit Card!

The sale person was good at his job and just happen to catch me at the right time.

We talked for probably an hour plus he had me visit the company web page and see some of the staff etc. on the web while he spoke of their fantastic services.

It was a Hard lesson for me!

I was fortunate enough after a few short months after that I found something that has quality and support training that exceeded my expectation.
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